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The New LOK Disc: Last Train Home (John Mayer)

When the first notes of “Last Train Home” are started, we immediately realize how much we missed the rains in Africa. Confusion sets in when we hear not David Paich, but John Mayer's soft voice coming from our speaker. It is no surprise that Mayer has already sought his inspiration in the seventies in recent years. On the single “New Light” released in 2018, we hear similar influences, among other things. The video clip of "Last Train Home" also perfectly matches the atmosphere of the song and the fact that John has clearly not yet been able to capture a hairdresser's appointment to get rid of his corona coupe contributes to the whole. All kidding aside. “Last Train Home” is a typical John Mayer song. A catchy tune and chorus in combination with a guitar riff here and there. Not much special, but ultimately a pleasant song. At the end of the song we are also briefly surprised thanks to Maren Morris who shows up as a backing vocalist, and then fades out the song “Africa”-wise. Sander Hoogendoorn of 3FM plays it every day, so LOK-Radio can't stay behind -> LOK DISC!

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