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Last edition 'Het Krimpens Kwartiertje' festively distributed

Krimpen aan den IJssel - On Tuesday 30 June 2020, the fourth and last issue of 'Het Krimpens Kwartiertje' will be published in an edition of 2,500 pieces. The magazine is intended for the elderly and other vulnerable inhabitants of Krimpen aan den IJssel, who are unable to leave the house or receive visitors due to the Corona virus, and are published by the Platform 'On Distance Close to Krimpen'. Now that the visiting scheme for the elderly and vulnerable persons has been phased out completely because of Corona, the platform 'On Distance Close to in Krimpen' has decided to stop the 'Het Krimpens Kwartiertje'. At the moment, discussions are being held with others about a possible sequel to 'Het Krimpens Kwartiertje'. If there is news about this, we will report it on our website . This song says goodbye in style. All articles and photos, in addition to the regular sections such as 'Exercise tips', 'Wavin

New coalition presents coalition program

New coalition presents coalition program on Friday, June 26, 2020 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am After a period of digital negotiation, the new coalition, consisting of six parties: SGP, VVD, Krimpens Belang, CDA, Christen Unie and PvdA, will present the jointly drawn up coalition program to the press on Friday 26 June 2020 from 10 am to 11.30 am under the motto: "Balanced by the crisis." In the presence of the coalition partners, candidate councilors and members of the press, a brief explanation will be given by the formator and also chairman of the SGP, Arrèn van Tienhoven. After the signing of the program, the chairmen of the six parties will each make a brief statement and the candidate councilors will introduce themselves briefly. Finally, members of the press who are present will have the opportunity to ask substantive questions to candidate councilors and group chairmen The press presentation will take place in the council chamber of the town hall. Due to the measures

This week in Decade Dick

What a pleasant crowd it was tonight in the park near the Middenwetering. Strangely dressed people and children running around and running around. They were the children of groups 8 of PCB Het Kompas. Due to the corona crisis, the school camp was canceled this year. The 'N8 van 8' will be organized tonight and tonight. Barbecue, fun, a fox hunt and a night together at school. About the n8 of 8 we spoke with Miss Nienke and we also heard some enthusiastic students. We wish them a lot of fun! [AUDIO 171 2020-06-25 - Night of eight] Of course you heard the column of Mayor Vroom again tonight. The mayor wonders, "What makes you angry?" Read the column here or listen to the column below. [AUDIO 172 2020-06-25 - Column Mayor Vroom] Respond to the broadcast? Or a tip? Decade Dick is a program by Dick de Klerk © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source: Original article (Dutch)

Pictura presents: We got your back

In this edition of Happy Hour we have two tasty plates -> delicious in this sunny weather. In the second part of the program we talk to visual artist and photographer Anja de Jong ( about the first online exhibition of the oldest artists' association in the Netherlands, Teekengenootschap Pictura in Dordrecht ( sale). These are not easy times, which is why Pictura has decided to help its members by presenting them online. All kinds of works of art can be seen and can of course also be bought for a very reasonable price! Of course we also have time for nice summer music and oh yes the announcement of the new LOKSCHIJF! Have fun listening! © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source: Original article (Dutch)

The new LOK disc: Letters (Lucas & Steve)

The DJ and producer duo Lucas & Steve (Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen. Both are from Maastricht) are back with new music. Last month their new song "Letters" was released on the Spinnin 'Records label. A summery feel-good track with the recognizable Lucas & Steve sound. The energetic beats immediately put everyone in a summer mood. The perfect song to have a party at home, from the living room or garden. "Letters" is about making beautiful memories and the desire to do fun things. Something that is not always possible in this day and age: “We would have liked nothing more to play this song at festivals and to make new memories with our fans. That is not possible at the moment, but with this song we hope that people get into the summer mood at home and can enjoy the beautiful 'home' moments ”. Lucas & Steve are known for their energetic feel-good songs and you can clearly hear that on the new "Letters" Disk. © 2020 Lokale Omroep K

Fever or not? Camera in shopping center Krimpen aan den IJssel provides a definite answer

Temperatures first, then shopping. This is currently the state of affairs in the Crimpenhof shopping center in Krimpen aan den IJssel. Immediately after entering, the visitor comes face to face with a device, a kind of tablet on a stand, that can determine the body temperature. Manager Jan van der Wildt van Crimpenhof has installed six such devices, to increase the sense of security of the customers in this era of corona. Own choice He demonstrates how it works: he stands in front of the camera and keeps his face in view within the indicated contours. A friendly female voice calls him 'welcome'. Then the temperature is displayed. "It says: normal temperature, 35.5 degrees. The system measures my skin temperature." The device has a small margin of 0.3 percent. This way your actual temperature can be slightly higher. Van der Wildt says that the camera is not a medical device and that people should of course consult a doctor in case of complaints. The measurement i

Look at Crimping dated 13/6/2020

In "Look at Shrink" dated June 13, 2020 the following topics: - Chatter - New thrift store on the Tiendweg - Stepping from South to North Netherlands in 24 hours - Concordia back to work step by step - "Black lives matter", this week's column - Where did the clock go in the Noorderstraat? - Will the rainbow flag ever flutter in front of the Town Hall? - Business and small businesses at the center of the new edition "Het Krimpens quarter" Presentation and composition: Terry Mace Hardyman Program technique: Renko Punching © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source: Original article (Dutch)

look at Crimping dated May 30, 2020

In "Look at Shrink" dated May 30, 2020 the following topics: - Chatter - Children's farm "Klein Boveneind" open again - Solar panels now also for tenants Qua Wonen - Visit scheme "Crimpenersteyn" extended - "In fabulous country", this week's column - Plea for law to chip cat - New coalition for Krimpen Opposition disappointed Composition and presentation: Terry Mace Hardyman Program technique: Jan van Zwienen © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source:

Look at Crimping dated May 23, 2020

Saturday morning May 23 in "Look at Crimping" from 10:00 the following topics: - Chatter - Sreekmuseum opens again - Music school started again - The bell bus will also start driving again - Our column. This week "The place to be" - 2nd edition of the "Krimpens Kwartiertje" is in great demand - film "Shrinking nature" for those who stay at home - "Double agenda" new thriller by Krimpen writer Saskia Oudshoorn - Visitors welcome again at Hoogerwaard cheese farm Presentation and composition: Niels van der Steenhoven and Terry Mace Hardyman © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source: Original article (Dutch)

Look at Shrinking dated May 16, 2020

In "Look at Shrink" dated May 16, 2020 the following topics: - talk - world shop gradually reopened also On Line - Library open again step by step - Full bag for poor families - "a persistent misunderstanding," this week's column - "Catch up" on facebook with SGP MEP Bert Jan Ruissen - New Tiendweg summer 2020 activities explained in more detail - As long as the corona crisis lasts "Culture agenda On Line" presentation and composition: Terry Mace Hardyman Program technique: Jan van Zwienen © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source:

Cultural Agenda Shrink temporarily with online offer!

Enjoy culture from home! The Krimpen culture agenda will be filled with online activities until 1 September. Online initiatives of our cultural providers from Krimpen aan den IJssel supplemented with regional and national activities. A wide range for young and old; workshops, (educational) lessons, shows, podcasts, quizzes, vlogs, treasure hunts, virtual tours, concerts, stories, photo albums and much more in the field of dance, theater, music, cultural heritage and visual arts. Nice for home and / or at school. Take a quick look at the website . The culture agenda is managed by Synerkri in collaboration with the municipality of Krimpen aan den IJssel and cultural partners. If you offer an online activity yourself, or if you have tips for regional / national initiatives, you can email them to or fill in the contact form on the website of the culture agenda. © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source:

Vacancy: Board members

The Board of the Local Omroep Krimpen a / d IJssel Foundation consists of a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and one or more general board members. The board is responsible for the general policy of the Foundation and is committed to, among other things, retaining the broadcasting license, arranging subsidy applications and justifying the policy towards the Municipality and the supervisory authority (Media Authority). In the context of forming a regional broadcaster, the Board participates in consultations with other local broadcasters. With a view to future changes in the Board, we are looking for experienced directors who want to contribute to the further development of the local broadcaster into a supplier of locally adequate media supply in the field of news and entertainment from a fully web-based organization. © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source:

Vacancy: Head of Broadcasts

As part of the Executive Management Team (UMT) you do the daily / weekly coordination of an enthusiastic and involved team of (radio) program makers, with pleasure in creating programs and broadcasting them first. Tasks enthusing / guiding program makers; contact person for the board regarding program matters including attending board meetings; make contact with possible new program makers / employees and submit their ideas to the board; periodically organizing meetings such as 'Program Heads meeting' and 'UMT meeting'; coordinating overarching programs (programs that are created with several local broadcasters), such as 'De late Avond', 'Alpe d'Huzes' and 'IJsselsport'; organization of special broadcasts; such as, for example, King's Day, public holidays programming, Krimpenfestival, etc.etc .; think along about improving programs. © 2020 Lokale Omroep Krimpen Source: